German Private Courses Online:

Our tailored German private courses offer individualized guidance and flexible learning from A1.1 to C2. With personal coaching, explanations in your native language, and topic-oriented learning, we effectively support your German skills.

German Group Courses:

Learning in a Supportive CommunityOur dynamic group courses provide interactive learning in a supportive environment for up to 5 participants from A1.1 to C2. With translations into your native language, exam preparation, and coaching for professional life.

Corporate Courses 1 for German:

Tailored for Your Company

Our tailored corporate courses offer online German instruction for up to 6 participants from your company from A1.1 to C2. Individualized support, flexible content, exam preparation, and speaking coaching are part of the package.

Corporate Courses 2

with 6 or more participants: Flexible, online, and tailored for your company. Our courses offer employees the opportunity to improve their German skills in group classes. Courses are divided by proficiency level, promote written exercises, support exam preparation, and enhance pronunciation through specialized music exercises. Course content aligns with EU guidelines and individual needs.

Flexible online instruction via Zoom. Boost your employees' communication skills and book today!

Prices in overview: