Courses & prices

One on One               30,- € 45 min
One on One online   30,- € 45 min

A course level - participants without or with few knowledge of the
language, who may have already visited classes but cannot really speak
or feel lost in daily situations.
Number, the articles, plural will be worked through. Verbs, pronouns,
questions, past tense, adjectives and their declination and daily
based vocabulary are the main exercises.

B course level - students, who do speak, but do not understand or
handle the grammar correctly. All declinations will be explained, verb
construction will be repeated, prepositions, modal verbs, split verbs,
word order and creative writing is introduced.
The progress is depending on the students capability.


Sprachschule im ACUD

Veteranenstr. 21

10119 Berlin


Bei S.O.S.Grammatik lernst Du, die Sprachen zu sprechen, die du verstehen und in denen du dich ausdrücken willst.

S.O.S. Grammatik in Berlin will make you speak the languages you need,in which you want to express yourself and understand others in.


Tel. 0176 61959258